Flo Cube is an imaginary photographer, traveling the world aiming to inspire others. Telling unforgettable tales in lands far far away, beyond mountains, across seas, flying the mechanical bird from a to b. Photography has always been a passion of Flo Cube, and videography also has a soft spot in its heart.

Influenced by clean lines, subtle movements and bold typography, you’ll find Flo Cube has something to fit everyones needs. Offering you the opportunity to enhance your portfolio, and book the clients you’ve always desired.


“ The photos are absolutely perfect. Part of them will be printed for sure. Thank you so, so much. It feels like someone has finally managed to capture what we really are. Thank you. ”

Nea & Tommi

I never want to stop making memories with you.
-Pierre Jeanty

Story package

The Story Package is a combination of lifestyle photos and portraits that together form a short story of the most beautiful moments during the photo shoot. The Story Package includes a planning session with outfit and styling recommendations, a photo shoot that lasts from an hour to an hour and half, 40-60 edited digital photos (approximately two thirds in colour and one third in black and white) for printing and use online.

Portrait package

The Portrait Package is an ensemble of individually composed portraits that are natural, relaxed and beautiful. The package includes outfit and styling recommendations, a 45-minute shoot and five edited digital photos that you can choose from a bigger gallery. You can also buy additional photos, or should you struggle to choose only a few, you can purchase the whole gallery.


Starting at following prices.
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290 €



450 €